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2021 Season Registration

2021 Spring Season Registration

The 2021 AAU Spring  Season will begin with our tryouts in January and we will start to play in mid-March.  The GA Pistols will have girls' teams in grades 3rd through 12th. 

New AND returning players MUST complete the online registration AND obtain a 2020-2021 AAU Membership ID card before participating in any tryout, practice or play in any games.  Use the link below to get the AAU Membership ID.

* Returning players for the Fall and Winter seasons - parents make sure that you update/edit any changes on your daughter's profile.


Your daughter MUST have an AAU membership BEFORE a basketball tryout, practice or game.  Be sure to do this prior to registering for our tryouts, as you will need her AAU Membership ID # to complete our online registration. (This fee separate from any club fees, which are due and payable upon acceptance to a Georgia Pistols team.)

Go online here to obtain an AAU Membership ID card; and then complete the online AAU registration application using the following:

  • What type of Membership?
  • Sport: Basketball-Girls
  • Coverage: Extended AB
  • Term: (Your choice - one, two or three year memberships available)
  • Are they a member of a club?
  • Choose the button for "Enter the Club Code"
  • Club Code: WYDAWC

From there complete your daughter's info.  Agree to the terms and conditions, and digitally sign the membership application.

Once you complete the billing info, be sure to print a copy of your AAU card.  You will need to give this card to your daughter's coach upon acceptance to a team. Question regarding membership to either AAU or to our club may be directed to Benita Brown, Club Administrator at

If you have any questions about our club, please contact Jack Feagin at

If you decide to play for another club/team, your AAU membership will be transferred to that club.

Tryout Locations and Times

Our tryouts have concluded; but we will do a one-on-one tryout at one of our teams' practices. You may contact our Club Director, Jack Feagin, at

Ready to Register?

Click the link below